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good advice

*stands up*

*shuffles nervously*

*clears throat*

Hello. My name’s Ruth and I am an introvert.

Would you believe that it has taken me 31 years to say that?

Most of those years have been taken up with saying other things. No, I’m not anti-social. No, I’m not shy. No, it’s not that I hate people, or that I hate you, or that I’m a badly brought up Awkward Annie.

I’m just an introvert.

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TFIOS Review

As I promised I am reviewing The Fault In Our Stars movie compared to the book. First off, the movie was wonderful, but the book was better, only because you got the more in depth details that you cannot have in the movie. Understandably, or the movie would be 6 hours long which is unacceptable. The overall storyline and major details were covered, and it gave the readers of the book a great realistic picture to what they had read. Not to give away anything at all, but the closeness the two teens had with their parents was not portrayed in the movie unlike the book, which disappointed me. They changed the ending just a bit, but not taking away the values, only how things happened, understandably to shorten the ending.

Today is my 18th birthday, so I’m pretty excited.  It sure doesn’t seem like I should be eighteen already, but I am. Is that how everyone feels? Hazel was 17, and Gus was 18. They may only be fictional characters, but I felt connected in a way. They were the characters to a book I could read over and over again, just like Hazel did with An Imperial Affliction.

After finishing this book I went to the library to get An Abundance of Katherines and Eragon. Hopefully they are great books as well!

Comments are welcome! I’d like to know what you guys want me to write about.


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My Inspiration



New to the blogging world, I am. I have always loved non-fiction writing, I was on my high school’s newspaper, (that is till they got rid of it), and I wish I had a reason to write again, especially now that I just finished John Green’s The Fault In our Stars and am very inspired by it.

TFIOS was a novel that I had wanted to read for a while, but the movie previews pushed me to buy the book and actually read it. I started reading it in the car on my way home from Wal-Mart and I was hooked. For anyone who has not read the book, I promise not to spoil it. hehe 😉 John Green has other popular novels that I am interested in now as well, mostly because his writing style is very intellectual and pleasant. I have never read anything like TFIOS before, but I hope to again. My boyfriend wants me to read Eragon, so of course that is next on my list.

When I was in high school, and I was sitting at the computer writing for the newspaper I kind of found something that I wanted to do all the time. I wrote many articles for the team, and I wished the school wouldn’t have gotten rid of my favorite class. (stupid school) I enjoy writing what I feel, or doing some research in order to write a better article. I used to want to write for The New York Times, but I knew that was never going to happen. I tried to write fiction, but a novel is not my type of writing, not at all. I’m not bad at it, but I feel forced to, like my fingers are being controlled to hit the keys. I enjoyed writing every literary analysis in HS, every one of those 12+ page papers. I always felt like I was never done, like there was so much more to say about it, and even if I never read those books, (which were most) I could still get no lower than a B+ on them, one of which I got a 97% on, the three points missing being my grammar, lol. If I wrote a book it would be something like National Geographic, or whatnot.

This new girl on the block is different, and my readers may love that, they also may hate it. I don’t want to be well-known, I only want to be looked at like I am worth something to this world. if I know someone reads my words and takes something away from it, then I am satisfied, even if I only changed the thinking of one soul, I am happy. I aim to broaden the horizons of others, and nothing short. if I made you think, I did what I wanted. TFIOS made me think, so thank you John Green, thank you. I am going out tonight to see this book’s movie, and I hope that I am not disappointed. One of my favorite actresses is playing the lead, so there is a plus!

I hope to have nothing short of my hopes. If I have, just wait, there is more coming. I will be reviewing the movie, but I wont give it away to anyone, no worries.

“Some infinities are bigger than other infinities”